While i was working in the YOGOME company which was an app with educational interactive games for children i was able to wear many hats as a creative. 

I was initially hired as a game character animator, in which i used the Spine software to make the rigs for the characters and to animate their different reactions like the damage, the powers, the walk and run cycles and their different states like the idle, defeated, and victory. 

This was achieved by exporting all the assets from illustrator, we had already stablished the name of the layers of the file and the illustrators would place everything in order so we animators would just export as pngs and import to Spine for rigging and animating.
Sometimes as designers we were asked to design t shirts for in house events. This was my take using a previously designed logo made by the Illustration Team.
I was also responsible of creating some animations to introduce each character at the beginning of the project.
As things evolved in the company and the game production started to slow down i was transfered to the marketing area of the company in which with the help of the design and copy teams we were able to create audiovisual content for all the Social Media channels as well as tutorials and guides to use the app.
Here you can find a collection of the video projects i was involved as 2D animator for Motion Graphics, film maker and Video Editor. And you can also find out about what Yogome was and the perspective we had as employees.
This was an on boarding video to welcome parents when opening the app for the first time. An illustrator would handle me the screens and i would give them life in After effects.
This was another side project app that was in the works and we made this video to give the audience an idea of what the app was supposed to do. We previously worked the storytelling of the video as a team and then the design team would create the graphics and i would do all the compositing and video edition.
We made some profile animations for facebook when getting to certain milestones. These designs were made by the design team and i would give them life in after effects with total freedom for the motion and special effects.
I also made some videos for social Media about the design process of the characters of the game. These were made by using the game assets exported as GIFs and then combined with all the graphics and animations. In this case i was the responsible for the design of the whole video.
This video was to show how the in house animation team worked in the production of the animated educational shorts. I was in charge of filming all the footage and then editing it all to make this video. The visuals and graphics were provided by the design team, and i would translate it all into the final video version.
And here more promotional videos and explainers of the different products of the company. For all these videos we usually would gather the design team, copy and animation to brainstorm ideas to define the storytelling of the video then making a storyboard, the design team would create all the graphics and I would mix everything together, compositing and editing as a final video ready to share in the different platforms.
This was the first video produced to air on TV and was all animated in after effects importing footage from the games like animated GIFs and video footage as well.
For some of these videos i also was able to get some experience on the film making process, taking different footage from what we had at hand or downloading from stock libraries and then editing all in the computer, fixing the colors, mixing with animated graphics and export.
This was a very creative project full of very creative and talented people, in which i had the chance to experiment a lot in the creation of videos and animations. Most of these were the result of the work of a whole team of people in which i only played the part of Motion Graphics and Video edition. Hope you liked!

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