I'm Pingolito
(Rubén Lara)
I am a freelance multidisciplinary artist devoted to creativity with experience in 2D animation, motion graphics, illustration and comics.
Born in San Luis Potosí, México raised by the legendary comic artist "Rubén Lara" aka "El Bachiller" and my lovely mother Patricia.
My professional experience involves working in the creation of interactive educational content ("Clasemovil" 2008-2010), web design, digital advertising, social media content creation ("Grupo W" 2010-2015), motion graphics and video production ("Yogome" 2015-2018) and mentor (UAdeC 2021).
I have recently been exploring my geek side in a Tik tok channel aimed to collectibles, art and things i like, as a side hustle i love collaborating with writers in the creation of picture books for children and i also own an Artist Shop where you can buy a wide range of products with my art.
When I'm not working I love to spend some time with my partner and my dog as well as reading comics, watching movies, series, playing video games or building LEGO.
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