The seed
It is a 5-second animated GIF that represents the birth of an idea that comes out of the heart of creative minds in the form of a seed and is planted in the person who admires it in the form of inspiration, which will generate new ideas, thus repeating the cycle infinitely.

This is the animatic of the short in general that helped me measure the time and the different moments within the GIF.
Afterwards, I used the capabilities of Adobe Animate to facilitate the process of creating the animated hair of the character as it emerged from the flower, and to animate its exit quickly and easily. I then proceeded to export the result and trace everything again frame by frame in Photoshop.
Once the tracing was finished, I proceeded to the flat color fills in each frame to finish with the illustration effects generated by different brushes that I acquired on the internet, as well as filters and layer modes.
The total project took approximately 3 days of work, one day for planning and two days for production, effects, and export.
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