Tangled Nightmares
Personal Illustration / Animation Project
For the "Viernes de IlustraciĆ³n" Weekly Challenge's "Recurrent Dreams" theme, I tapped into a recurring nightmare: the hair-pulling ordeal. I sketched a cartoon version of myself caught in the act, with a creepy hair monster sneaking up behind me for added drama. Using Procreate Dreams, I animated the scene, while CapCut helped me nail the eerie sound effects. It's a hair-raising journey into the bizarre corners of my subconscious!
This is the sketch versus the final Illustration
As a bonus, I utilized this animation as a centerpiece for creating a tutorial video, showcasing my process from concept to completion. This tutorial was shared across various social media platforms, including TikTok and Instagram, allowing me to connect with fellow artists and enthusiasts, sharing insights and techniques while engaging with a wider audience.
Thanks for watching!
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