As part of the Social Media creative team at Grupo W back in 2012 I was able to work with the brand Rexona Teens which had an ongoing campaign for teenage girls.

With the help of the team i was able to create a collection of illustrations of the different characters which were posted on facebook as posts and profile pictures and got the attention of many followers.
Because of the day by day posting for over a year to keep the character fresh we evolved the characters from the original early teenager look to a more stylish and fashion oriented design by the end of the campaign.
These are some of the sketches of her different looks versus the final version.
Her design even made it to print in magazines as a paper doll as part of a new campaign for a website experience featuring an interactive wardrobe.
I also was able to experiment with very short animated clips to help with Sophie storytelling and engagement on Social Media. Here you can see some sketches and storyboards for the animations.
And here a couple videos that were produced for the Social Networks.
This was one of the projects i enjoyed the most during my time at the agency Grupo W and i'm happy to be able to share some of the process behind it after all these years.
Hope you liked it!
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