Pink Flamingos
This is a personal project illustration made in Procreate and then animated with Procreate Dreams. The theme was prompted by "Viernes de Ilustración" weekly challenge on instagram and since i recently finished reading the Blacksad comic i felt inspired to draw antropomorphic characters to be precise a couple of flamingos relaxing and enjoying the sunset.

This is a comparisson of the early sketch and the final result.
The aproach was a combination of comic style and basic flat coloring for lights and shadows and wanted to depict quite a romantic atmosphere since the two characters seem like they are flirting to each other and enjoying the momment.

Here you can have a glimpse of my illustration process for this piece.
And here its the animated scene that came out of the main Illustration.
I had some problems rigging the characters in my Ipad air because i had a very limited amount of tracks to work with but i managed to animate just the essential parts.
The plants were animated with the warp tool and the record motion feature by just dragging the points from the mesh.
I did some frame by frame ianimation for the blinking and basic interpolation for the body movements.
Thank You!
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