La Oveja Churra Mascot Design

La Oveja Churra is a dessert place for "Sweet Churros", the owner wanted to have a mascot that represented their business and they entrusted me with the design.

This was the final version of the character approved by client.
Every project is a jurney of constant dialogue with the client, and in this case the client already had a very clear idea of what he wanted. These are some of the sketches of that tweaking process.
Once the character was defined i did some explorations for his body language and expressions so the client could see the potencial of the character.
And when this was approved I was commisioned to illustrate some posts for Social Media.
Finally i wanted to share some previous sketches of early aproaches and character design explorations which the client liked but wasn't convinced.
And that was the story of "Oveji" the official mascot of "La Oveja Churra"
Hope you liked to see my creative process!
Thank you!
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