Dinosaurs Collection
This collection of illustrations depict some of the most well known dinosaurs that existed.
I always wanted to draw dinosaurs but never felt confident enough to actually make my own version of them so with this collection i tried to experiment with a comic outline style with some textured color for the rendering and giving them a sketchy, concept-like vibe.
As reference i used 3D models from different 3D libraries and google images.
Can you name them all?
Spinosaurus / Tyranosaur Rex
Allosaurus / Ankylosaurus / Apatosaurus
Brachiosaurus / Brontosaurus
Archaeopteryx / Carnotaurus / Compsognathus
Gallimimus / Iguanodon
Dilophosaurus / Dimetrodon / Diplodocus
Mosasaurus / Pliosaurus
Pachycephalosaurus / Parasaurolophus / Plesiosaur
Pteranodon / Pterodactyl
Pyroraptor / Stegosaurus / Therizinosaurus
Triceratops / Velociraptor
Here some of the sketches i made for the illustrations.
I had lots of fun with this project and even got more confident on what kind of illustrations i can create, It was a great way to explore my capabilities as an illustrator and a great way to explore the creature / monster design field.

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