This is a personal illustration project that evolved from a static Illustration to an animated clip made entirely on my Ipad with Procreate and Procreate Dreams.
The concept was inspired by the "Viernes de Ilustración" challenge to draw a specific topic every friday of the month, this time the theme was "Regreso al mar" (return to the sea).
For this illustration i had the vision of a giant octopus monster hiding in a giant wave that is staring to a ship that is passing by in the vast sea in the middle of a storm.
Here you can see my illustration process in Procreate directly exported from the App.
The illustration had a great response from the community of artists involved in the challenge which gave me enough motivation to take it to the next level. 
So i took the challenge to animate it with Procreate Dreams. 
Here you can see the first version and the final one with sound.
If you liked the illustration you can download it as Background for your mobile here!
Thank you for watching!
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