Collection of illustrations depicting some of the most known constellations.
Can you name them all?
Andromeda / Aquarius
Antlia / Aquila / Canis Major / Canis Minor
Capricornus / Apus
Corona Borealis / Crux / Leo
Cassiopeia / Centaurus
Cygnus / Gemini / Hydra
Libra / Lyra / Ursa Major / Ursa Minor
Orion / Sagittarius
Scorpius / Taurus / Virgo
Here some of the sketches that defined the final style.
Here you can see the vector file of the stars, how a sketch was drawn according the placement of the stars and the background with the stars which was generated by Adobe Photoshop AI.
The must fun part of this project was to make a drawing that matched with the stars positions, I was inspired by old constellations drawings and maps and tried to make my own version.

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